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"This yoga class calms my mind and relaxes my body after a hectic workday. Dee's gentle instructions help me clear out stressful thoughts and enjoy a few moments of serenity." - Debbie

"I was impressed with the results I received after taking a few yoga classes to increase my flexibility while playing golf. Not only did my golf game improve rapidly, but off the links I was able to move freely. I am a believer in yoga for the mind and body." Mertiss (Jay) Thompson, Master Golf Instructor.

"The crick in my neck -- it's gone!  It was causing me pain and restricting my movements all day so I was VERY glad it was the 1st day of a new session with you at Kanjin Yoga!  During your opening warm up I felt a few gentle 'pops' near my left shoulder and realized the source of the pain was gone!  Thanks again for helping me feel active and able and energetic.  I am 53 years old and coming to your yoga classes keep me from feeling "old" or feeble.  See you next week!"  -Jann


"Dee Williams is an amazing woman.  She teaches both  adults and children in a very peaceful, graceful manner, the art of Yoga.  It has really enhanced my life each time I am in her class.   I am so grateful I have been introduced to this wonderful part of life.  My six year old grandson looks forward to being with her also, leaves her class relaxed, happy, and very appreciative." - Doreen


"I like how my body feels after a yoga session.  It feels loose and relaxed and all the aches and tightness has melted away!" - Jami

"Dee is an amazing instructor, so patient and kind.  I have recently experienced life altering events and felt a calling to meditation and yoga. I found Kanjin Yoga just down the street in Hillman City and am forever grateful. I felt an instant connection with Dee and the class and feel very welcome. The classes are non judgemental, a tranquil environment and you leave feeling peaceful. - Patrick


"Kanjin Yoga is is a rare gem, an oasis of harmony and balance in an often tumultuous world.  

As a long time yoga student (40+ years), I have visited so many yoga studios across North Ameria.  Kanjin Yoga is unique in so many ways!  Dee Williams, owner of Kanjin, goes so far beyond her extensive knowledge of yoga asanas.  At Kanjin, Dee has created a space filled with creativity (she changes the decor nearly weekly!), fun, sweetness, and gentleness.  She welcomes each student with love!  What a special studio! - Lydia

" Dee is an awesome instructor! Her classes are challenging, creative, and fun. It's a very welcoming atmosphere. - Aaron

"I went to a Saturday noon class and it was amazing. Dee was incredibly warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. She was able to adapt the class to meet student goals and provided excellent instruction and modeling for the flow class I took. She created a beautiful environment and I felt both renewed and challenged by the class. I highly recommend this beautiful studio and teacher." - Michelle

"I wrote the prior review and wanted to clarify that though I live in Illinois I visit Seattle regularly and found Kanjin in my friends neighborhood. I will be back whenever I come to town!"- Michelle

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