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Class Descriptions

Golf and Athletes
Yoga for Golf & Athletes

We help you increase flexibility, strength and  balance.


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Group Sessions (on-site)

60-minutes per session

4-class minimum  



Flexible Scheduling for tournaments and special events.


  • Align - the body for more mobility and flexibility

  • Strengthen - back, knees, shoulders, reduce risk of injuries

  • Improve - clarity, focus, awareness and mindfulness

  • Keep doing what you love to do

  • Stay in the game!

Our classes are appropriate for beginners and experienced students. 


You will enjoy a complete yoga experience with the following outcome.  


1. Gentle on your body. 

2. Learn to sync the breath with movement, find balance, gain more flexibility with regular practice. 

3. Use mindful awareness to gently unwind. 


We teach in a calm and inviting manner that encourages you to find your mind/body balance. 


"You will leave our classes feeling refreshed." - Dee



Types of Classes                                               All Levels Hatha 
  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Gentle

  • Introduction to Yoga

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Back and Core Strength

  • Stretching for Flexibility

  • Yoga for Youth (Summer Only)

  • Yoga and Ayurveda* (Workshop)

  • Yoga for Stress* (Workshop)

  • Private, Customized*

  • Private, Yoga Therapy*

  • Special Occasions*

  •  Golf/Athletes*

  •  Groups/Organizations*

  • Retreats (new)*

Class Times: 45, 60, 75 minutes

*up to 90 minutes

Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

1. Stress Relief

2. Pain Relief

3. Better Breathing

4. Flexibility

5. Increased Strength

6. Weight Management

7. Improved Circulation

8. Cardiovascular Conditioning

9. Focus on the Present

10. Inner Peace


CALL  206-722-2665 TO SCHEDULE

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