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Retreats near or far we make it fun!

Would you like to visit a garden in the rain forest that is home to the worlds largest butterflies? Or see the sunset from the top of a Blue Mountain? Or just travel a short distance to step from urban into oasis? We can help you learn more about how you can visit all three of these beautiful destination retreat locations. We host a weekly 45-min conference call to discuss the three types of retreats, call to RSVP for our next retreat discussion.

The cost to join the call is $5 and is donated to our Yoga for the New Millennium - Community Yoga Program

Costa Rica


Costa Rica Eco-Tour and Yoga Retreat

Learn about the sustainable rain forests, zip-line across the treetops, find serenity and bliss. Return with a renewed sense of inner balance.


Spring 2019



Retreat into the heart of the Georgia blue mountains. Come back feeling refreshed and renewed.


Fall  2019

Seattle a unique urban oasis


  • Special Occasion events for small groups by appointment only. Includes private yoga classes, meaningful, peaceful urban getaways.

  • Signature Local Retreat  - Sister's Circle Retreat


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