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Upllifting, insightful and inspirational collection. 30 years, 30 poems and over 30 photographs a complete gift that brings together many ideas to help you look more deeply into the mind, body and spirit. Throgh years of reflection Dee Williams presents a wonderful book of poems and stunning color images for an engaging experience on every page. Now available. This book project covers 50 pages of inspired poetry and nature photographs a compilation of work created from the mid-1970's through 2013. A must have for a daily pick me up, a gift for a freind in need, or something for someone special in your life.

Bodhisattva Wisdom

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    Sample Poem #1
    Love Flower Blooming
    Love makes my heart fill with joy. I breathe it into my soul and there it rests. When you come close, it will find you and spring full, like a flower blooming in the light of the soul. Never doubt your power to nurture love inside yourself until one comes who will shower you with the gentle rain waters that causes your love sea to rise up from within to unite as one. Never doubt that this love is meant to be and that this love is for you and me.

    Sample Poem #2
    The river and the rock
    Let thoughts arise and let there be awareness that these are like the flow of water in a river. Moreover, you are a rock around which the waters of life must flow.

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