The Personalized Yoga Service is a private yoga session designed for your schedule with the benefits of yoga tailored to help you bring the body and mind back into optimal balance.

The Personalized Yoga sessions are planned to focus on your specific needs. The yoga instructor will recommend time tested yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques that help your unique mind-body needs. The package include and initial consultation, followed by a personal assessment and written recommendation.

Personalized Yoga Session (2 for 1 see details)

  • A Personalized Yoga Session includes a complete written assessment and recommendation that provides you with yoga specific remedies that are customized for your exact needs. Your yoga session is led by a certified yoga instructor. The price includes a 30-min consultation during the first session followed by the personalized yoga session. During the sessions you learn the specific yoga techniques that benefit your needs. At the conclusion of the sessions you will have a recommendation for a continuing yoga practice that is specific for your unique needs.

    Couples you may register for a personalized yoga session with 2 people for the same price