CL001 Beginner Mindfulness Meditation
8 - 8:45 AM morning meditation



4-4:45 PM evening meditation

Learn to find your comfort in meditation, while observing your breath you remain aware. You will learn different meditaiton techniques that will allow you to become more comfortable with adding meditation to your everyday life.



Pre-Registration required. Class size is limited to 6.

Questions about the class call Kanjin Yoga 206-722-2665.


$12 per session


Beginner Meditation - Sunday 8AM

  • What to bring? Yoga mat, blanket, chair or meditation cushion.

    Meditation sessions begin on time, no late entry.

    It is said that "meditation lowers biological age. And that levels of cortisol and adrenaline are often found to be lower in a long-term meditator, and their coping mechanisms almost always tend to be stronger than average." Deepak Chopra, M.D., Ageless Body Timeless Mind